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Uitdraai Boerdery
Three Solar Installations totalling 865 KWp.

SunRanch Solar is proud to be associated with Uitdraai Boerdery, a well-established and a large-scale potato and diversified farming enterprise. After have successfully installed a 236 kWp PV system at Kalkfontein farm during 2021, we joined forces with Uitdraai Boerdery once again for their latest PV installations at Wynberg, Bellevue and Kalkfontein Farms. Uitdraai Boerdery’s annual contribution to a cleaner, green environment is 1 316 847 KWh of renewable power.

Bellevue - 249 kWp Solar System
Bellevue - 249 kWp Solar System

Project Description: Bellevue and Wynberg Farms
The Customer requirement was for a reliable renewable energy solution connected in parallel with the existing Eskom supply point. SunRanch Solar conducted in depth metering and simulations in order to specify an optimal size of the PV Plant which entailed a 248.64 kWp DC installation accompanied by a total AC installed capacity of 220 kVA. Major plant comprised a ground-mounted PV system consisting of Huawei grid-tied inverters, Schletter fixed-tilt structures and JA Solar 555W solar panels.

Installed Plant & Equipment:
Grid-Tied Inverters: 2x Huawei Technologies SUN2000-100KTL-M2
Solar Panels: 448x JA Solar JAM72S30 555/MR Tier One
Structures:  Schletter FSDuo-Alu 2V24, Schletter FSDuo-Alu 2V16 & Schletter FSDuo-Alu 2V8

Bellevue - 249 kWp Solar System
Wynberg - 249 kWp Solar System

Plant safety features include step-and-touch and lightning protection to ensure no harm to human and animal life through the use of lightning rods and an earth mat to surround the ground-mounted PV system.

Bellevue - 249 kWp Solar System
Kalkfontein - 236 kWp Solar System (2021) and additional 131 kWp Solar System (2024)

Project Description: Kalkfontein

Installed Plant & Equipment: Kalkfontein
Inverters: 3 x Solis-110K-5G
Solar Panels: 232x JA Solar JAM72S30 565/LR – 565W panels
Main Distribution Board: Dimensions: 1980 H x 1980 W x 1030 D (all dimensions in mm) Weight of the board: +/- 450 kg The purpose of the Board was to pre-emptively upgrade the main electrical distribution point for the Customer who anticipates an upgrade of their electrical supply point from Eskom to provide 800A instead of their currently installed 400A. With the new Board in place, the Customer will not need to upgrade breakers, cables, etc for future expansion.

Bellevue - 249 kWp Solar System

Kalkfontein – New Main Distribution Board – Ground Mounted

In addition, a check-meter has been installed on-site to allow the Customer to verify grid supply metering as well as net metering and banking variables for three different tariff rates (off-peak, standard and peak).

“We have full confidence in SunRanch Solar to provide cost saving and technically competent solar solutions. To date they have installed a total of 865 kWp of renewable energy plants on a number of our farms with another installation soon to be added.”
Human du Preez – Uitdraai Boerdery

Bellevue - 249 kWp Solar System