1. Harness Africa's Sunshine
  2. Control and Reduce your Energy Bill
  3. Smart Longterm Investment
  4. We stand 100% behind our installations
NEWSFLASH: Eskom announces R4.6bn loss for 2018 -------- See our Gallery page for our latest Installation at Chalmar Beef Abattoir -------- Worldwide Solar Energy Growth outpaces Fossil Fuels -------- Solar is an easy Business decision -------- Reduce your Carbon Footprint -------- Reduce your cost of power with Renewable Solar Energy -------- The Best things in Life are Free & does not cost the Earth -------- Low Maintenance & Environmentally Friendly --------

Welcome to SunRanch.Solar™

SunRanch Solar (Pty) Ltd is a fully qualified and experienced turnkey EPC solar company with our staff having completed a substantial number of both roof and ground installations, ranging from domestic to large scale industrial parks. We have developed a very competent and experienced team in South Africa, enabling us to operate independently. Our rapidly growing team consists of some 41 people, qualified in both electrical engineering and finance. We operate cross-border in neighbouring countries.